Senandung Indonesia’s Singles

Sabda Alam

On October 2018, the first single collaborating with Indra Aziz was released. Ricky Lionardi brought the new rendition of Ismail Marzuki into a swing jazz.

Aku Cinta Dia

Released in the beginning of 2020, the hit single from the 80’s is making a comeback with a playful jazz orchestra arrangement, performed by Indonesia’s sweetheart, Andien Aisyah.

Tinggal Bilang

Composed by Adjie Soetama the 80’s pop song performed by Trio Lestari (Glenn Fredly, Tompi, Sandhy Sondoro) with a totally different style and arrangement.

Bengawan Solo

With a beautiful jazz orchestral genre, the legendary song from Ismail Marzuki performed by Tompi and released in Indonesia 2019 ‘s independence day.


To preserve Indonesian popular songs by the legendary Indonesian composers


Embracing the new generation while bringing the nostalgic moment for the old generations by creating the new rendition of Indonesia’s popular songs from the 50’s to the 80’s.

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  • Concert (in the future)
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